How to Secure My Home?

Lock Doors
Always make sure that you keep the doors of your outbuildings and garage locked, keep the doors to your house locked even when you are in and don't keep valuables or vehicle keys near doorways.
  • Install good outside lighting.
  • Install a burglar alarm, this is a good visual deterrent.
  • Get a trusted nieghbour to keep an eye on your property.
  • Leave lights on to make your look occupied when you are out, use a timer.
  • Consider joining or forming a Nieghbourhood Watch Scheme.
  • Remove valuables from view from a ground floor window.
  • Install, in a discreet location a small safe for any high value goods.
  • Cameras are a good deterrent and can provide the Police with valuable information.
  • Avoid discussing holiday plans on social media or letting strangers know you will be away from home.
How to make my Garden Safe?

Make sure you don't leave tools, ladders or any other items around in your garden overnight or when you are not at home, don't provide intruders with any means to gain access to your property.

  • Make sure fences around your garden are in good condition.

  • Make sure bikes are secure by locking them to an immovable object, even in the shed or garage

  • Keep ladders and tools locked away securely.

  • Ensure side gates are locked to prevent access to the rear of the property.

How to Protect my Home Against Fire?

Use the following tips to make sure you protect your home and family from the hazards of fire.

  • Fit smoke and CO2 detectors and make sure they are tested regularly.

  • Never leave the kitchen while cooking, keep children out of the kitchen while cooking to avoid hazards.

  • Don't overload electrical sockets, never use broken or damaged plug tops.

  • Be careful with chargers for portable devices, keep them away from soft furnishings.

  • Always put candles in holders and keep away from curtains and clothing.

  • Before going to bed make sure all cigarettes and candles are extinguished, and electrical devices unplugged and or switched off.

  • Always have more than one plan of escape from your building in the event of an emergency. 

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